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This application uses the game Space Invaders as a clock. (You might have to click on the screen to enable the controls.)

Each of the hours in the day (1-12) is represented by a UFO in the top row.
Each of the minutes in an hour (0-59) is represented by an invader.
If it is AM the invaders are solid, if it is PM they are Filled.

The entire grid of invaders moved back and forth across the screen twice each minute:
30 seconds to the right, and 30 seconds to the left.
The grid also moved from top to bottom over the period of an hour and then resets to the top.

The invaders and UFO colors are determined using RGB values based on number taken from the month and the day, so they too change over time.

Additionally, the ship at the bottom of the screen is controllable using the right and left arrows to move, and the space bar to fire.
The invaders also fire at the ship. Unfortunately, none of the bullets fired from the player's ship or the invaders can collide with anything on the screen. You'll have to wait for the next version for that.

Source code: time_invaders

Built with Processing

Time Invaders